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Cyber-Sheriff provides top quality cyber security consultancy, training and solutions to a wide variety of organisations and industries.


We aim to provide a comprehensive, first-rate cyber security education programme, backed up by support and consultancy services. To help fill the skills gap, our courses and consultancy services are based on decades of practical experience and designed around international standards and globally-recognised certifications. Our blended approach provides interactive, effective, and fun learning experiences, that help build confidence and practical knowledge to face the cyber security challenges ahead.


There is no doubt that the number, size, severity and complexity of cyber threats is increasing.
Mobile applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the huge growth in personal information

on the internet present new opportunities for cyber-criminals. 


Increasing regulatory requirements place additional burdens on our businesses and IT functions. Demand for cyber security professionals is exceeding supply. Most industry analysts expect the cyber security job market to double in size by 2020. The massive increase in news coverage of high-profile cyber security incidents appears to support this prediction.

Let us start investigating the best cyber security solution for you today!

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